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Rope saw, stone special-shaped wire saw, diamond beads special-shaped wire saw

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Shun xing stone machinery is located in the beautiful and rich in northern China stone export base - laizhou city of shandong province, is specialized in stone machinery and hoisting equipment research, manufacturing as one of the backbone enterprises. Main products are: cutting, diamond wire saw, computer infrared bridge beaded string, multi-function mushroom stone machine, single arm multifunction bilateral cutting machine, cutting machine, gantry multifunctional vertical cylindrical machine, horizontal cylindrical stone machine, single arm disk saw machine, double hoisting machine and other special equipment (mine lifting equipment and accessories).
Shunxing person for more than a decade, with scientific management, strict quality, excellent service, eclecticism, new constantly, make the product marketing throughout the country, trusted by the personage inside course of study.
Quality first, customer supreme, is the aim of the shun xing people forever.
Undertake stone business.
Warmly welcomes the broad masses of customers to come to cooperation, create brilliant future!


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