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Nirvana rebirth of Internet + stone industry?

Source: Time,Time:2017-08-23 15:40:32

Another feature of the Internet is that users have very short transaction and feedback cycles. Most of the products we trade online can experience feedback as soon as the goods are available. In the Internet age, user experience and word of mouth are very important.
Our life has long been imperceptibly infiltrated by the internet. The rapid development of mobile Internet also seems to let all walks of life to see new hope, stone industry is also trying to help the Internet transformation and upgrading. The prospect of the industry forum and a prospect place, whether it can make the stone industry, the phoenix rising from the ashes?
Admittedly, this year the real economy is difficult, fierce momentum in the ceramic tile industry especially the stone industry is under extension export can add to the end of the beginning of the stringent environmental protection policy, is that many enterprises started to add fuel to the flames, stone has become a problem. But what does that mean? That stone can be added to the Internet? Internet + is the only way to transform the stone enterprise? We have to ponder, Internet plus the cake is not a bit of nothingness, through transformation of the Internet is not our wishful thinking?
I would like to analyze the following aspects of stone industry in the end is suitable for the internet.
First, the stone industry is really overcapacity problem?.
First of all, I said the excess capacity is relative surplus, that is, compared with the entire market demand, stone products exist overcapacity, oversupply phenomenon? This is easy to understand, look at the annual sales of tiles, and then look at the sales of stone. The wheel also can't reach the stone product surplus. Let's see what the Internet can do One of the big advantages of the Internet is to negotiate and market deals at low cost for industries that are so productive that traditional channels of sales are unable to digest excess products! Overcapacity in the industry, saturated traditional sales channels will lead to another problem, price competition! Prices in most industries can be quantified, and quantifiable price fluctuations are well suited to the Internet, where the Internet can link buyers of price concerns with suppliers seeking sales. But what about the stone industry? Is the sales channel saturated? I see no, the problem is not in the sales channels, while in the market development. It lies in the guidance and transformation of people's concept of home improvement, and how to snatch market share from tiles and wooden floors. What about stone products? Can the color and lines of the product be quantified? Can prices be quantified? How much is one square meter, Saanna? Eight hundred or three thousand? Can product quality and price be demonstrated quickly and reliably through the Internet? The answer is negative! So, are we using these advantages of the Internet?
Two, stone products user feedback cycle is suitable for the Internet?
Another feature of the Internet is that users have very short transaction and feedback cycles. Most of the products we trade online can experience feedback as soon as the goods are available. In the Internet age, user experience and word of mouth are very important. The rapid spread of the Internet makes it very easy to spread the user experience. The wider the user experience, the more times the transactions will be made. How long will it take for the stone industry to complete a transaction? How long will it take for the users to feed back the stone products? Therefore, stone products trading cycle and the use of feedback cycle is also not applicable to the internet.
Three, the standardization of stone industry
To a large extent, the display of stone products can not be visualized by parameters or data. Even with water absorption, bending strength, compressive strength, density and so on a series of data, to such a display is not the image, not specific. In particular, color stone lines, as a pure natural product, there is no two pieces of stone as like as two peas. The pursuit of the user is the natural stone color patterns, not your water absorption or compressive strength! How about the standard and color of the product? And how to quantify it? There is the price, as has already been said, it is difficult to quantify! And the Internet is the transmission of information, information is standardized data to express, and stone products is difficult to do this! This makes it difficult for users to make decisions on stone products through the internet.
Four, the consumption habits of stone products
The Chinese market is enjoying a huge consumption upgrade, and the main body of the upgrade is a large middle class. And stone as a home improvement materials, especially a relatively high-end, the middle class crowd on its concept of consumption is what? First of all, definitely different from FMCG, you buy online shoes, you do not have to bear the risk of large, even if you buy large or buy a small, big deal back to change a pair, and even do not go back, it does not matter, harmless! Because it's not a big proportion of the price! But what about decorating the house? A house is not a small thing for a middle class family. How to install the decoration? Chinese style, European style, simple European family discussion day. With tiles or marbles? The opening meeting today will end up with luxury, marble! As a result, the owner went to Taobao to buy it! Do you think that's possible? It is clear that it is not the real thing, marble as a priority among priorities in the decoration materials, the owners will be to see the real, carefully selected, waffling! And this concept of consumption is impossible to change, before we can see the future will not change.
Therefore, the stone industry and the Internet plus the soil for breeding, or stone people to catch the Internet Nirvana rebirth, but also need another way!

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