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Brief introduction of the categories and respective applications of diamond saw blades

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Diamond saw blades include small saw blades, medium diameter saw blades and large diameter saw blades.官方金沙娱乐赌场网站
Diamond saw blades include small saw blades, medium diameter saw blades and large diameter saw blades.
1, small saw blade
It is customary to refer to a diamond circular saw with a diameter of 230mm (9 mm) and below as a small saw blade. From the shape and structure, there are two types of small saw blades, continuous and divided. The continuous type has integral sides (flat type, The, continuous, Rim, Blade), turbine (coarse teeth, fine teeth), and further reinforced and corrugated. The, Turbo, Blade). The teeth are divided into teeth (flat type, and further reinforced). The, Segmented, Type, Blade), semi continuous teeth (roots, abrasives), turbine teeth. The strengthening type refers to a part of the abrasive layer into the matrix, the cutting blade in strong abrasive materials, because it goes to the abrasive layer in the substrate for protection, the matrix is not easy to be worn thin and deformed, it is equivalent to the widening of the abrasive layer, to strengthen the cutting and improve the life of the;
Small saw blade is mainly used in hand or semi-automatic cutting machine, widely used in construction, decoration and other occasions, you can cut stone panels, tiles, ceramics, glass, concrete and so on. The full edge saw blade is suitable for wet cutting and engraving, and the split teeth and turbine saw blades can be used for dry cutting.
2, medium and large diameter saw blades
In general, the habits of 250 ~ 750mm diameter diamond saw blade is called the diameter of saw blade, 800mm and above is called saw.
In the size of diamond saw blade is mainly used for stone plate cutting, cutting angle or groove, also used for high density refractory, high voltage electric porcelain, concrete pavement, asphalt pavement joints, runway skid groove, wall materials, cement floor, electrical insulating materials such as cutting. The medium diameter saw blades are mostly used on small bridge cutting machines (hydraulic or manual), and movable cutting (such as road expansion joint cutting) is more of a walking Cutting machine.
The large saw is mainly used to cut the stone which has been mined. Of more than 2000mm saw for irregular blocks of plastic and sheet cutting. Saw in the bidirectional cutting machine, cutting machine, hydraulic cutting machine used on large bridge; there is also a group of the same diameter or two different diameter blade group cutting plate, it can significantly improve the efficiency of processing plates can be thinner, lighter weight, higher utilization rate of stone, of course group the use of higher quality of blade sawing machine, power, rigidity, precision, cooling and other requirements.

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