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The diamond wire cutting machine before and after the lifting of the table and move the diamond wire saw, the implementation of cut stone in different shapes. Equipment imported PLC, combined with equipment structure features, the use of advanced computer procedures, high degree of automation, sensitivity. The table guide rail adopts oil immersed lubrication mode, and the servo motor drives the worktable along the guide rail for accurate movement. The equipment can edit graphics according to customer requirements, computer processed products in accordance with the actual size, the most effective blocks will be cut into the shape of different specifications of the circular cylinder, and Luo Mazhu, letters and numbers etc.. A high degree of automation, can save raw material, reduce labor costs, reduce the cost.

Name Unit DTSJ-1500 DTSJ-1800 DTSJ-2200
Diameter mm  φ8- φ11  φ8- φ11  φ8- φ11
Length mm 16500 18500 21350
Speed m/s 0-40 0-40 0-40
Trip mm 1600 1900 2200
Size(L * W * H) mm 3000*2000*1500 3600*2000*1800 4000*2000*2100
Efficiency m2/h 1-2(Marble) 1-2(Marble) 1-2(Marble)
0.5-1(Granite) 0.5-1(Granite) 0.5-1(Granite)
Size(L * W * H) mm 7500*6000*3800 8800*6800*4800 9800*7000*5200
Power kw 15.09 15.09 20.09
Weight Kg 7.5 9.5 15
Does the table rotate? 360° 360° 360°

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